Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are an essential part of any legal translation business website as they provide visitors with valuable information about the services offered, the translation process, and other relevant topics. By addressing common questions and concerns upfront, FAQs can help potential clients feel more confident and informed about working with a translation provider, ultimately leading to increased trust and conversions.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of my documents?

I understand the importance of confidentiality in legal and business translations, and I take every precaution to protect your confidential information. I am willing to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and take other measures to ensure the confidentiality of your documents.

Additionally, I use secure file transfer methods and take other necessary steps to protect your data.

Why is machine translation not appropriate for legal and business documents?

Machine translation is not suitable for legal and business documents due to their confidential nature, as it relies on cloud-based services that can potentially leak information. Human translation guarantees the security and confidentiality of your documents, as they are handled offline.

As a professional legal translator, I am aware of the importance of confidentiality in legal and business documents and ensure that your documents are treated with utmost care and security.

What types of documents do you translate?

I translate a wide range of legal and business documents, including, but not limited to, contracts, agreements, legal correspondence, employee manuals, court documents, and more.

If you have a legal or business document that needs to be translated, please contact me, and I will be happy to provide you with a quote.

How do you ensure the accuracy of your translations?

I conduct extensive research on legal and technical terminology, specific industries, and local laws to ensure accuracy and consistency in translation. Additionally, I proofread and edit translations to ensure accuracy, consistency, and clarity in language use.

What is your turnaround time for translations?

My turnaround time for translations depends on the length and complexity of the document. However, I am committed to delivering high-quality translations in a timely manner, and I always communicate with my clients to set clear expectations and deadlines.

As a professional legal translator, I have never missed a deadline, and I take pride in ensuring that all deadlines are met. When a deadline is agreed upon with a client, it will be respected no matter what.

What industries do you specialize in for legal translations?

I have experience working in various industries, including but not limited to, finance, corporate law, intellectual property, and international trade. My expertise and knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements in several industries allow me to provide accurate and high-quality translations that meet your specific needs.

Do you have experience working with multinational companies?

Yes, I have worked with several multinational companies, such as Johnson Controls, Bombardier Recreational Products, Mobis Parts Europe, and Hyundai, in pricing and legal compliance management roles. This experience has given me an in-depth understanding of business operations and industry-specific terminology.

Do you work with other languages?

I specialize in legal and business translation from English to Spanish, but I understand that clients may require translations in other languages. That’s why I work with a network of trusted legal experts and professional translators who are native speakers of various major European languages, such as French, German, and Italian. By collaborating with my partners, I can ensure that your legal documents are translated by a native speaker who is also a legal expert in their language.

Contact me to discuss your legal translation needs, whether it’s for one language or multiple languages.

How do you handle cultural differences in legal systems?

I have an in-depth knowledge of the legal systems and regulations of multiple countries, including those in Europe, the US, and Latin America. I also have a strong understanding of business practices and corporate culture in multinational companies, which helps me produce translations that are not only legally accurate but also culturally appropriate.

How much do you charge for translations?

The fees for my services vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the document, the word count, and the deadline. However, I strive to provide competitive pricing while maintaining the highest quality standards. Please contact me for a personalized quote.

What are your payment options?

I offer several payment options to make the process as convenient as possible for my clients. You can pay via bank transfer or PayPal. Once we agree on the scope of the project, I will provide you with detailed payment instructions in my invoice.